The Best Way to Spend Two Days in Pigeon Forge

    Anybody who follows me on Instagram may have noticed that earlier this week I spent a little time in Pigeon Forge, TN.  My mom invited Toddles and I to take a little trip with her, and we had a blast!  Let me say that no, I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this post.  I simply loved the time we spent in Pigeon Forge, and thought I’d share the fun things we did while staying there.

    Since my mom had to work and due to some scheduling conflicts of my own, we only went to Pigeon Forge for two full days, and two nights.  

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  • 14 Ways to Use Up Your Leftover Grilled Chicken - Christine Everyday

    14 Ways to Use Up Your Leftover Grilled Chicken

    It seems that you many of you have the same issue that I have: lots of leftovers, and no idea how to use them.  My last post on ways to use up leftover taco meat went over like gang-busters, so I’d thought I’d do a follow up today.  This time, we’re talking grilled chicken.

    Now, full disclosure: my grilled is not always technically “leftover”.  I often grill up a package of chicken breasts on Sundays to eat throughout the week, but I have to find different ideas to use the grilled chicken!  I like to switch things up and serve my family different meals as often as I can.

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  • Top 5 Book Recommendations Based on the One You Loved - Christine Everyday

    Top 5 Book Recommendations Based on the One You Loved

    Recently I have been reading a lot – and I mean a lot – of YA fiction.  I never used to think I would enjoy this kind of book.

    (Hello, my name is Christine and I am a book snob.  Hello Christine.)

    But ever since I finally sat down and read The Hunger Games series, I have become obsessed with other books in the category.  It seems that I am definitely not the only adult who loves books from this category, but I’ve never really seen a comprehensive list of books that I would love based on my love of the Hunger Games.

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