A Complete Guide To Starting A Bobblehead Collection

Bobbleheads are incredibly fun little things to collect, which is one of the main reasons why they are so well-liked. And once you get going, you can really get into it quite easily. Around the world, bobblehead collectors engage in a rewarding and entertaining hobby. Some even occasionally profit from the sale of their collections. We’ll go over a few things you should know about collecting Bobbleheads in this article. Everything you need to know is right here, whether you’re just doing it for fun or maybe even want to start investing in Bobbleheads. Let’s begin immediately.

a quick background

Here is a brief history of the Bobblehead phenomenon for those of you who are new to it. Since the 1700s, bobbleheads have existed in some form or another. They have been mentioned in literature for about 200 years, and thanks to Major League Baseball, they entered athletics for the first time in the early 2900s. The habit of creating bobbleheads based on some of the best players of the time is still practiced today. And nowadays, businesses like ours can manufacture custom, personalized Bobblehead for the individual, as opposed to the past when you had to purchase Bobbleheads of other people—famous or not. Both the industry and the materials employed have advanced significantly over time. For instance, the first Bobbleheads were made entirely of ceramic, but today we use polymer clay and hand-draw our patterns.

Why do you collect Bobbleheads?

While most individuals are content to purchase a Bobblehead as a one-time item, those who do frequently fall in love with them to the point where they begin to take an even greater interest. And there are many interesting things to think about once you delve deeper into the Bobblehead realm. You may purchase bobbleheads of your preferred actors, athletes, and even politicians. Additionally, some Bobbleheads have a high value, so if you locate an ancient one that’s in good shape, you might possibly be sitting on a fortune.

Why do people collect Bobbleheads?

People like bobbleheads for a variety of reasons. The truth is that they are collectible for everyone, regardless of your financial situation, even if you have a tight budget. Similar to collecting baseball cards, bobbleheads make wonderful displays and are entertaining toys to play with. You can understand why so many individuals are eager to regard Bobbleheads as a means to invest their money given that many of them increase in value over time. At the end of the day, Bobbleheads are a popular choice for everyone from sports enthusiasts to antique collectors because to its intriguing design and stunning appearance.

What stores sell bobbleheads?

We can build beautiful reproductions of people’s faces from a simple photo as designers and creators of customised Bobbleheads, and our clients frequently give them away as entertaining gifts to loved ones and friends. Therefore, unless you go on to become famous, our Bobbleheads are a nice place to start for your collection but won’t inevitably bring in cash. But there are a few places to check if you want to expand your collection. To start, online auction sites like eBay are a fantastic option, but you can also search yard sales and thrift shops in your neighborhood. Bobbleheads are frequently given out by sports teams and movie distributors at special occasions like stadium freebies. Finally, the majority of toy retailers sell Bobbleheads of celebrities, cartoon characters, and sports figures.

What should I check for when purchasing a Bobblehead?

It all depends on what you want from your Bobblehead, just like anything else in life. A typical doll is a terrific toy for both children and adults and can be a lot of fun to play with. Once you begin a serious collection, though, be cautious to scrutinize every item you acquire. Because they are brand-new, Bobbleheads won’t cause too many issues. But it’s crucial to examine old Bobbleheads much more closely and look for any damage. If you want to protect your investment, an old Bobblehead that is between 30 and 60 years old—or even more if you are fortunate enough to find one from the 1800s—should be in mint condition.

How can I purchase bobbleheads?

If you’re a serious collector, you need to know what you’re getting. Some Bobbleheads can be very pricey, and investing that much money in one can be risky. You must conduct extensive study on the contested Bobblehead to learn how many were produced, determine whether it was created for a particular purpose, and assess its condition. The bulk of Bobbleheads may, however, typically be obtained for under $10. However, it’s always worthwhile to look into your purchase carefully after you’ve made it because you might have found a sought-after model! The best and most fulfilling method to purchase bobbleheads, however, is to do so for personal delight or that of a loved one. Over time, amass your collection; you never know where it can lead you.

Which Bobbleheads are the greatest to purchase?

Finally, there are a select few Bobblehead varieties that sell for the most money. Of course, vintage baseball is where it all began, and just like Baseball trading cards, the rarer dolls, assuming they are in good shape, sell for extremely high rates. Additionally, there are many highly desired limited edition Bobbleheads available. These dolls are often produced in runs of 100 or fewer, making them extremely rare. However, one of our renowned customised Bobbleheads will be entirely unique to you if you want true exclusivity. And that’s the type of unique gift or present you can only get from a Likenessme Bobblehead, so why not get in touch and test one out?